In House Blood Test Save Time and Stress

We at Center for Family Health understand that having a blood test is never pleasant.  We know that the anxiety behind locating the lab that your doctor has directed you to only adds to that stress. This is why we have invested time and money to offer state of the art laboratory equipment on the premises.

We don’t want you to lose time from work or have to deal with the stress of transportation, so that your doctor can get the blood test results we need to treat you with the best medical care possible.  Our in house lab can run a majority of the blood work that our doctors feel are necessary to get you feeling your best and keep you that way.

Our pleasant nursing staff is trained in venipuncture so you can be confidant in their skills as they obtain the samples necessary to run your blood work.  We honestly don’t want this to be traumatic event for you or your family; after all we are your helping hands.

Fasting for Blood Work

We wanted to provide a quick note on the need to fast for some blood work.  There are a handful of tests that require you to fast before we can obtain your samples.  Your doctor and nurse will inform you if you need to avoid eating food or consuming liquids other than water.  If you need fasting for blood work it is very important that you follow the instructions we provide.  A simple stick of gum could alter your results and require you to have the tests performed all over again.

In regards to whether or not you are allowed to take your medication, please contact us so that you can be advised by your doctor. No one wants to have multiple tests that requires fasting for blood work so please ask us any questions so we can prevent disrupting your schedule for repeated tests.