About Us


Here  to provide you with the best care

The Center for Family Health was established in 1997 by some of the best physicians in San Diego.   We wanted to create a family practice doctor’s office that provides excellent, state of the art medicine.  While at the same time creating a medical office that was reminiscent of the personal care that physicians offered decades ago.  We want our patients to feel like family. Our doctors have worked with many generations of families and we love that we have been an integral part of their health and happiness.  As part of our philosophy we even offer house call service that is covered by many insurance plans.

Part of our mission was to create a one stop shop for all of your medical needs. We understand that your time and health are both precious commodities.  This is why we offer a number of services in our office that many doctor offices in San Diego cannot offer.  For example, we can do most of your lab work right in our onsite laboratory. We also have radiology and ultrasound services.  Our doctors are affiliated with all of the hospitals in East County, San Diego. So no matter where you live or what hospital you are most comfortable with we can come to you.

Our doctors want you to live a long a happy life.

Another aspect of our mission to provide you with the best medical care is to understand that medicine is more than just the body but that the mind and spirit can also aid in recover and longevity. We pride ourselves on getting to know who you are as a person and not just an ailment or disease.  Our physicians want you to live a long and healthy life and we are willing to take the time to make that happen.

So, if you are looking for a doctor in San Diego, we are exactly what you need. Our physicians are experienced and trained to provide our patients with the best care.   Give us a call so you can meet our physicians and get to experience our exceptional care for yourself.